Since the 4th of July is fast approaching, I thought I’d submit a brief blog post on the topic of God or Country…just some random thoughts to spur discussion.

In many church – and in many I’ve served – the 4th of July often took precedence over God and the worship of God.  In once church, every year someone (I found out who, but only after several years) would place a small US flag on the open Bible on the altar on the 4th of July weekend.  At the same church, the custom was to sing only patriotic songs during worship.

So let me ask you: who should get our attention in worship on the 4th of July – God or country?  Why?

My belief is this: at every worship service (regardless of holiday – as opposed to holy day) God is always to be the focus of our worship, devotion and attention.  Not Mom. Not Dad.  No Veterans. Not Country.  Nothing.  Except GOD.

Now, before you post comments declaring I’m unpatriotic or not-for-family, let me say I do think all of these holiday foci are important…they should be recognized.  Thank God for our Vets!  Thank God for our country!  Thank God for our loving parents!

But that’s just my point!  God has graciously provided us with all of these.  Therefore, our focus is not to be on the gifts, but on the Giver.  That’s what worship is about – God and nothing else.

So, takes some time this weekend and celebrate our freedoms, rights and privileges.  We should!  But NEVER forget that if it were not for GOD we would have none of them.  Then, turn your attention toward God and thank God he has given us what we don’t deserve.

What are your thoughts?