Valentine’s Day is fast approaching..again.  So I thought I’d write a brief post about love and Valentine’s Day.

To give a brief history: St. Valentine is the name of one or more Christian  martyrs in our early church history.  There really is no definitive information on just which Valentine is to be honored on Valentine’s Day.  And, just and FYI: Valentine’s Day was not invented by greeting card companies, as some think.  St. Valentine’s Day was an actual feast day on the Roman Calendar until 1969, when Pope Paul VI deleted it because nothing is really known about which Valentine is to be honored, or his history.

So the question remains: is Valentine’s Day really necessary?

My answer: Yes! While we may not know much at all about St. Valentine, the day of Valentine is not about the “who” or “when” or “why.”  It’s about honoring the idea Valentine has come to represent – love.

Valentine’s Day is a good day to stop and ask ourselves (because we rarely intentionally think about love except on Valentine’s Day) some questions:

What, really, is love?  Do I show love enough toward other people?  Do I say “I love you” enough to my wife/husband/kids/friends, etc.? What does real love require of me?  What would the world be without love…what would I be without love?  How do I show my love (because talk is easy, and we can never show too much love)?

So, if you are one of those who think Valentine’s Day is “just another day,” why not think on love rather than sinking into the trap of cynicism?