ImageFor some reason, I recalled this story earlier this morning…

When I was growing up, my father pastored a small African-American congregation in southeast Oklahoma. I would go to church at Paul’s Chapel every Sunday morning with Dad then go to First United Methodist and listen to him again.

At Paul’s Chapel, there was an elderly lady – Miss Ruby, was her name, I think – who attended faithfully every week. But Miss Ruby became ill and was taken to the hospital, where she remained for many days.

Miss Ruby’s faith was clearly evident and contagious. She was looked to by many in that small congregation as the matriarch of the church and as the surrogate mother and grandmother to just about every young adult and child in the community. Though not an educated woman, she was sough out for her wisdom. No better role model could be found in that community.

While in the hospital, Dad went to visit…and took me along. We found her sitting up in her bed, a smile on her face. When Dad greeted her with “Good morning, Miss Ruby! How are you today” she replied, “God is providing, I am abiding.”

Do you abide or do you just pass the time?