Leaning-on-GodYears ago, a missionary began her time in the field in what is today the country of Iran. Her primary ministry was teaching the young girls in the community where she lived and served.  Each morning, “Miss Fran,” as she was called, would sit on the hard dirt floor of her hut to teach as the children gathered around her.  Miss Fran had struggled with an injured back most of her life; and sitting on the hard dirt floor only made her suffering worse.  

During teaching, the young girls could tell she was in pain.  She would constantly shift her weight to try and relieve the pressure on her back.  The grimace on her face was clearly one of terrible pain.  She would often lose her train of thought and have to be reminded by one of the children where she left off.

One day one of the teenage girls in her class could no longer watch her beloved teacher suffer.  Quietly, she got up, tiptoed around the other girls and behind Miss Fran.  She then sat down on the hard dirt floor with her back to the teacher’s back. She could feel Miss Fran against her back, but it was obvious that her teacher did not want to lean against her so heavily that she made the girl uncomfortable.

Finally, the girl turned and whispered to her teacher, “Miss Fran, if you love me, lean hard.”
When we are going through a struggle, a pain, a loss, it is wise to remember: lean on God and we not only endure, we prevail.