Ponder This: Author and Christian apologist C. S. Lewis once said, “…the ability to laugh at oneself is functionally the closest thing to true repentance.”  After thinking about that, I have come to realize Lewis is right.

Human beings have a knack for being stuffy.  We don’t like making mistakes – it’s embarrassing.  We don’t like being laughed at – it makes us feel small.  We often take life too seriously, fearing that if something goes amiss, all of life will fall to pieces.

The ability to laugh at ourselves, like true repentance, sets things into proper perspective; we then see things – and ourselves – as they really are.  When we repent, we see that we can make mistakes and still be persons of value; still be forgiven.  When we laugh at ourselves, we see that to be human is to make mistakes, but also see life goes on regardless of our errors…and often, makes our lives better if we open ourselves to learn from our mistakes.

Family friend, J. Ellsworth Kalas, says that when we laugh “we are expressing that something is still right with the world.”  

When we laugh at ourselves, we are expressing our belief that life is still good.  And worth living.