dig-deeperPapa, my grandfather, was a great farmer.  If the truth be told, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a farmer just like him.  I even had dreams of what my future farm would look like.

On his farm, Papa had two huge gardens, each filled with a dozen different vegetables and fruits.  And helping Papa on the farm was one of my favorite things.  I couldn’t wait each year – as school days passed ever-so-slowly – for the family vacation because I knew we would be heading “back home” (as my parents called it) to Tennessee.

One year, I was lucky enough to be at Mama and Papa’s when Papa was “diggin’ taters.”  I had never done such a thing and I wanted to help.  So, I grabbed a shovel from the porch of the little red house where Papa stored his garden tools, and off I went. 

Papa was always glad to let his grandchildren “help” around the farm, even if the job took longer or he had to explain it several times.  I’m sure it must have been frustrating for him, but he never let on.

He had me start on one row of potatoes while he worked on the other.

Before I realized it, I had was way ahead of Papa in my digging.  Fact is, Papa hadn’t gotten very far at all!  Why so slow?  I told myself, “I’ve dug up dozens of potatoes; he’s still digging in the same spot.”

Immediately, Papa knew I had not dug deep enough.  “To find all of ’em, son,” he said, “you have to dig deeper.  That’s where the best ones are.”

The same is true for human life. So often, you and I see only what we want to see…only the surface, of those around us.  Sometimes, we see the bad; sometimes, perhaps, a few gems of goodness. 

But, if we are to see all the promise and potential of others; if we are to see God in all of life, we must “dig deeper.” 

And when we dig deeper, there is a double blessing.  We get to see God’s presence in others and we discover the best that is often hidden in ourselves.

Dig deeper!  That’s where the best often lies hidden.