bumblebeeAccording to the law of aerodynamics, a bumblebee should not be able to fly.  The ratio of its body weight, its shape and its wingspan indicates that it is unable to fly.

But the bumblebee goes ahead and does it anyway.  Apparently, the bumbelee hasn’t been informed of its limitations.

I love seeing this bulky bee, with its black body flitting from one flower to the next, coaxing the nectar from its petals.  Bees are industrious creatures.  They work alone, hard and long.  They are amazing to watch as they gather their intended treasure.

But, to be honest, bumblebees can be scary.  When they are pushed to the point of threat, a bumblebee quickly vents its anger on whomever is standing nearby.  Even though a full-grown bumblebee measures only about an inch, it can send a full-grown man screaming in terror and scampering for cover.

A bumblebee has some lessons to teach those of us who consider ourselves to be scientifically well-informed.  For one thing, it teach us never to assume the power and potential of anything simply by its size.  But maybe the most valuable lesson for us it this: God did not mis-make us or mis-equip us.

So, we can never know what we can’t do until have have done it anyway.