LanternA story to ponder:

In the night, a blind man was curled up in the corner where the sidewalk met a building on a busy street.  At his unshod feet flickered a lantern.  Even though it was late in the evening, it was still a strange sight.

A pedestrian, walking along that same sidewalk, was curious.  Pausing, he knelt down and said to the blind man, “Why the lantern at your feet, since both the light and darkness are the same with you?”

Turning his face toward the pedestrian, the blind man answered, “It ought to be obvious.  The lantern is there so that no one stumbles over me.”


How easily those of us who can “see” often view things from only one angle (a.k.a. “confirmation bias” or “myside bias.”)  We often assume everyone else sees things just as we do.

And how easily those of us who can “see” often overlook everyday beauty.