measuring-upSomething to ponder:

I once read the story of an active young boy who told his mother he was eight feet tall.  He was scolded and sent to his room.  “Shame on you, Alan!” his mother said, “you’re exaggerating again!”

But the boy insisted. Jumping up and down a bit, he said to her, “But it’s true! It’s true! I am eight feet tall! I am!  I just measured myself with this ruler I made.”


It seems like a common thing to measure ourselves by our own ruler.  And the rulers we use are always in abundance.  Success is one such ruler.  Many people think themselves tall because of some success they have achieved.  Another ruler is influence.  Some think themselves taller because of the influence they wield in some area of life.

But life always catches up.  The rulers we make for ourselves are never accurate.  The rulers we make for ourselves are constantly changing standards…standards we determine for ourselves.  Such rulers can never be trusted.

So, how tall we think we might be – or, better yet, how tall we want other to think we are – is not the most important thing.  What is important is how we measure up beside the the One whose birth we are awaiting during this Advent.  This Ruler thought himself so lowly that he took up the cross.  And when he did so, he helped make us taller than we deserve to be.