light-at-the-end-of-a-tunnelA story to ponder:

A driver found himself in a dense fog.  Not being able to see, he began to panic and quickly lost his sense of direction.  Suddenly, a few yards ahead of him, dim red taillights appeared.  A bit relieved, the driver said to himself, “At least I can see them.  I’ll just follow the taillights.”

Closely, but carefully, he tagged along, never letting the taillights out of his sight.  Then, without warning, the taillights came to an abrupt stop.  The driver crashed into the car he was following so closely.  Enraged, the man rolled down his window and yelled into the fog, “Good grief!  Whey didn’t you signal you were stopping?”

From the fog came the reply, “Why should I?  I’m in my own driveway!”


Life is often referred to as a journey.  Sometimes we find ourselves, like the driver in the story, in the middle of a dense fog.  We’re not sure which way we’re heading, or we strain to see what is ahead of us, or we worry about the curves and the drop-offs that may be waiting for us.

During those times we hear different voices yelling for our attention.  We may not know where they’re coming from, or where they may lead.  So, we grab on to any light we see and follow it, hoping it will lead us to safety.

But blindly following just any light that pops up often leads to a bad end…or to some place we did not intend to go.

Jesus said, “I am the way.”  Of all the lights that shine in the darkness and fog, his is the one voice that is safe to follow…  especially when we find ourselves in some dense fog.