LaughingJesusA Story to Ponder:

The story is told that when the great artist Leonardo da Vinci was painting what is probably one of the most famous of all works of art – The Last Supper – one of his fellow artists became viciously abusive toward him.  This verbal abuse continued for days one end.  Leonardo responded, as many of us do when someone mistreats us, by developing a strong, deep-seated hatred of his colleague.  At night, da Vinci began to dream of terrible things happening to his enemy.

When da Vinci came to painting the faces of the disciples, he reached the point of painting the face of Judas Iscariot, the one who betrayed Jesus.  For the face of Judas, da Vinci painted in the face of his own tormentor.  But then he found he was unable to complete the work.  Weeks…months went by and the artist could not so much as put brush to canvas.

One day, during his prayers, da Vinci was repeating the Lord’s Prayer – as he did each day – and came to the statement “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”  Immediately, he knew what was wrong, why he was unable to finish his work.  He rose, went into his studio and painted out the face of his enemy on Judas and went to bed.  That night, he had another dream, but it was different than previous nights.  This time, in his dream he saw a vision of the face of Christ.

He arose in the morning, returned to his studio and began his work again.

The content of his dream the night before, is seen in the painting…the face of Judas is the face of Christ the artist envisioned in his dream.


Do we – can we – see the face of Christ in our enemies?