I was looking through my desk drawer this morning for a pen to fill out some paperwork and ran across the pen you see in the first picture. I had laid it aside to keep it from being damaged.  It was a gift from my father many years ago.20150529_092459-1

Not long after Dad was elected Bishop in the UM Church, he returned to the home of his birth in Gleason, TN.  While there, he stopped by the church he and his family attended when he was growing up  – Valley Methodist Church.20150529_090945-1  It was at this church that Dad gave his life to God at the age of 9 years while attending a revival and hearing Rev. Herschel Blankenship preach.  In 1992, the church placed a plaque inside the sanctuary, commemorating where he gave his life to Christ.  On that visit, he found the old pulpit used during his growing-up years. The old rickety pulpit was falling apart and had been replaced years before when some renovations were done to the old sanctuary.  Now, the old pulpit was being used as a lectern in a classroom.

Dad purchased the small, old pulpit and used the best wood to have pens made for me, my brother, other family members, and any special folks in his life.  This pen, along with Dad’s fountain pen used to hand write every sermon and book he wrote during his 45 years of ministry, are my favorite gifts dad ever gave me.

This is part of who I am…never forget your own story.