When I was about 6 years old, I met a man who would become one of my heroes in the faith.  Dad had invited his friend, E. Stanley Jones, to the church he was serving at the time, to sort of kick off Jones’ Ashrams in Oklahoma.  On one of the occasions when Jones was at our home for meals, I remember hearing him talking with Dad and saying “There is a big difference between calling yourself a Christian and being converted to Christ.”

Tony Campolo puts it another way, but one that is very powerful and meaningful and helps clarify Jones’ statement.  The following quote comes from a recent interview of Campolo:

“Because I am not yet living up to what Jesus expects me to be in those red letters in the Bible, I always define myself as somebody who is saved by God’s grace and is on his way to becoming a Christian. (…) Being saved is trusting in what Christ did for us, but being Christian is dependent on the way we respond to what he did for us.”