1268093703G48xgeM-580x556A Story:

I love the story of the frail old woman who could be someone any of us knows.  Her frazzled shawl made known her poverty to everyone in town.  Yet, on a regular basis she could be seen stooped over gathering objects from the old country road, and hiding them in her apron.  Someone reported her as being a little insane.  A police officer was sent to check out the report.  Sure enough, the old woman was spotted stooping over, picking up bits and pieces of something and hiding them in her ragged apron.  The police officer watched her for a couple of days before finally approaching her.

“Old woman,” he said with authority in his voice, “what are you picking up and hiding in your apron?”

Startled by his sudden appearance, but smiling, the old woman opened her apron to reveal pieces of broken glass, bent nails and jagged objects.  She then said, “I pick up these things every day, because so many of our children who must come down this road on their way to school have no shoes.  I don’t want them to cut their bare feet.”


Moral of the story: Christian service always takes the initiative to serve, never waiting until a need becomes an urgency.