jesusA Story

These days, it is difficult to pick up any newspaper or listen to the daily news without hearing about another scandal.  Or several!

But the fact is, scandal is nothing new.  We often hear someone say, “What is this world coming to?” when they learn of the latest disgrace, forgetting that such things have been around forever.

King David had his not-so-unfamiliar scandal…let me refresh your memory.

While surveying his kingdom from the palace balcony, David spotted a beautiful woman not far away…and she was bathing.  It became more than David could handle.  He invited this young lady to come to the palace.  She accepted.  And one thing led to another.

Some time later, this young lady – Bathsheba was her name – returned word to the King that she was very much with child – his child.  But that wasn’t the worst of it…the worst of it was that she was married!

What would David to with her husband, Uriah?  How could David cover up this mess that he had made without damaging his reputation?

Well, he tried several things: first, he called Uriah home from battle and tried to convince him to take some much-needed time off and spend it with his wife.  It failed.

Next, David invited Uriah to some drinks, got him drunk and sent him home to spend the night with Bathsheba.  But that failed, too.

Finally, in desperation, David arranged for Uriah to be killed in battled.  This time, his efforts were a success.

Soon after, the child was born.  But the baby was sick and passed away a few days later.

Time passes.  David and Bathsheba have another son.  Nathan, the King’s prophet, named the child.

Perhaps it happened like this:

Nathan appears at David’s chamber door and says, “I have named the child.”

David, recalling his former scandal and the death of his first son, asks “And what did you name him?  Did you name him ‘Ichabod’…the glory of the Lord has departed’?”

“No,” replies the old prophet.  “I called him ‘Jedidiah’ – the beloved of the Lord.'”


Moral of the story: We are all “Jedidiah” – beloved of the Lord.