Seeing Jesus in othersA Story to Ponder:

One of the many stories we hear about St. Francis of Assisi happened as he became a friend of a leper.

Francis was born of a high-class family, and was known to be high-spirited.  His family was wealthy as well as well educated and Francis was to receive his families wealth upon his father’s passing.  However, in spite of his wealth and high culture, Francis was unhappy and unfulfilled.

One day, while he was out riding in the countryside thinking about his life – as he did often – he came upon a man who was older than he.  An obvious outcast, forgotten, and hated man because he was a leper.  He had been cast out of his community and family, left to face his life alone.  Francis was so moved by the man’s state and condition, he dismounted his horse and was bold enough to step over to the man and wrap his arms around the leper, not saying a word.  With tears in his eyes, Francis looked down to see that the face of the leper had been changed to the face of Christ.


Every face we see is to us the very face of Christ….just as Jesus loves us, he loves them.