anonymousA Story to ponder:

Legend has it that a certain saint of centuries past was given the opportunity of having his most passionate heart’s desire granted to him.  He asked for some time to ponder the weight of such a wish coming true.  He went off to by by himself as he thought.

He thought about asking for wealth with which to meet the many needs of the poor.  But then he realized how wealth has a way of working less for the poor and more for the owner.

He then thought to ask for power.  But then he realized power often backlashes and destroys the one who wields it.

He then thought to ask for fame, but feared the emptiness that often accompanies it.

Finally, after hours of thinking, he said, “I wish more than anything else to do a lot of good for others, and know nothing about it.”


To do a lot of good for others and know nothing about it is the mindset that moves the Kingdom of God forward, bit by bit.  It is also the trait of true care for and service to others.