A Story to Ponder:

The great Danish sculptor Thorvaldsen spent quite some time in Italy during his most productive and creative years.  Among other things while there, he chiseled priceless works of art from marble.  When, after many months, it was time for his return home, he packed up his belonging and several pieces of art he had created.  When he arrived home, his servants set about the task of helping him unload his belongs and get them to his home.

As the servants unloaded several sculptures the artist brought home with him, they scattered the straw Thorvaldsen had used to pack his treasures for safe transport.  The straw was simply thrown in the streets and along the roadsides of Copenhagen.

The following spring, flowers from the gardens of Rome bloomed in the streets and roadsides of Copenhagen from the seeds borne and planted completely unknown.  Thorvaldsen, quite unaware, had scattered beauty in his path.


So should it be with followers of Jesus: scattering seeds of encouragement and acts of love and beauty as we go.