overcoming-adversitySomething to Ponder:

E. Stanley Jones was a friend of the family and a personal hero of mine.  During a preaching mission at the church my father was serving many years ago, E. Stanley told the story of the experience he had as he watched an eagle face a storm high in the Himalayan Mountains. The storm brewed at the edge of the valley toward which the eagle was flying. The question rose in Jones’ mind whether the eagle would fly around the fury of the storm, or fly carelessly into it and be dashed against the rocks. His question was answered before his very eyes. The eagle set its wings in such a way the air currents send him ascending high above the storm. The eagle had used the force of air currents, which threatened its life to rise to greater heights.

If eagles have the ability to use a negative force to rise above threat, imagine what you and I have the ability to do with a similar force. Jesus is the supreme example of what can be done in unpromising situations. He faced a “kangaroo court” and came away the only one with a pure heart and noble motives. He took the raging brutality of a rugged cross and lifted it as a symbol of forgiveness for all. It was history’s most noble act.

From the example Jesus set, it looks like the difference between the desire for good and its becoming real is our own decision – the decision to allow every adversity to do something for you rather than to you.