words_matterSeveral years ago, I shared the following story with our friend Leonard Sweet.  I was reminded of it this morning while looking through my Facebook news feed and thought I’d share it here…

Words matter.  My family has had a long friendship with Bishop Monk Bryan and his family.  Many years ago, while attending a gathering at which Bishop Bryan was speaking, he told us the story of when he was growing up in a tiny community called Goat Hill.  Over the years, he overheard people of the community talking about the future of their fair city.  No one was moving in, all the young folks were moving out, those who left to attend college never returned, no new businesses saw any reason to move into Goat Hill, and some businesses were closing up or moving away to larger, more promising towns.  The outlook was grim.

One day, the elders of the community met to discuss the fate of their hometown.  One member of the community stood and made a rather radical sounding suggestion: why not change the name of the town to something more appealing than Goat Hill?  Why not change the name to something with a little flare and character?  Something that would catch the attention of anyone who might be looking for a new home or place to start their business.  After much discussion and debate, those who were there asked the old man if he had any specific ideas.  “How about Angora Heights”? he asked.

Everyone’s attitude and outlook changed almost immediately.  And, after a few short years, the town turned around both economically and demographically.


Our words matter…choose them carefully.