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During the Great Depression, a certain Methodist “steward” had to sell his favorite milk cow.

“Ol’ Bessie is a fine milk cow,” the Methodist steward said.

“How much you want for her?” asked a prospective buyer.

“Twenty dollars”, came the answer.

“How much milk does she give?”

“Four gallons a day,” answered the owner.

“How do I know she’ll give that much?”

“Oh,” said the owner, “I’m a good man. Why I’m a steward in the Methodist church.”

“I’ll take the cow home,” said the buyer, “and later this week, when I’m back this way, I’ll bring the money. I’m a good man, too. I’m a deacon in my church.”

At the dinner table that evening the Methodist lay person explained the deal to his wife. “Oh, by the way,” he said, “what is a deacon?”

“A deacon,” she answered, “is about the same thing as a steward.”

Wide-eyed panic spread over the steward’s face. “Oh no,” he moaned. “I’ve just lost Ol’ Bessie!”


Moral: Being good and doing good are not the same thing. Being Good must result in doing good.